• Bolzano Diving Meeting 2023

    Bolzano Diving Meeting 2023

    Bolzano South Tyrol (ITA)
    The ASD Bolzano Nuoto, in collaboration with the Italian Swimming Federation, promotes the
    Bolzano Diving Meeting - Südtirol, which takes place at the indoor pool "Karl Dibiasi" of Bolzano,
    from 02 to 04 June 2023
  • Bolzano city of divers

    Bolzano city of divers

    Bolzano is traditionally the setting for important international diving competitions,
    a discipline in which our city has been the cradle of great champions,
    and which over time has attracted the interest of the public.
  • Bolzano Diving Meeting 2023

    Bolzano Diving Meeting 2023

    Bolzano Alto Adige (ITA)
    La ASD Bolzano Nuoto, in collaborazione con la Federazione Italiana Nuoto, promuove il
    Bolzano Diving Meeting Alto Adige - Südtirol, che si svolge nella piscina coperta "Karl Dibiasi" di Bolzano,
    dal 02 al 04 giugno 2023
  • Bolzano la città dei tuffi

    Bolzano la città dei tuffi

    Bolzano è tradizionalmente scenario di importanti competizioni internazionali di tuffi,
    disciplina in cui la nostra città è stata culla di grandi campioni,
    e che nel tempo ha suscitato sempre l'interesse del pubblico.
  • Ardelio Michielli

    President of the OC
    The first international diving meeting in Bolzano was organised 60 years ago. Once again this year, ASD Bolzano Nuoto is ready to organise an international diving event, continuing a tradition that in the past has seen our Olympic athletes Klaus Dibiasi as well as Giorgio and Tania Cagnotto starring in Bolzano. The "Bolzano Diving Meeting 2023" will give visibility and recognition to our city and province in the world of diving.
  • Arno Kompatscher

    Governor of South Tyrol
    Dear diving Fans! Once again this year Bolzano and South Tyrol have the honor of hosting the traditional International diving meeting. The Bolzano Diving Meeting has earned a fixed place in the international competitions calendar, a proof of the great organizational skills of the ASD Bolzano Nuoto and the exquisite hospitality with which it welcomes participants from year to year.
  • Andrea Pieri

    President pro tempore of the Italian Swimming Federation
    On behalf of the Italian Swimming Federation and myself, I welcome the athletes, technicians, managers and judges who have come to Bolzano to participate in the "Bolzano Diving Meeting 2023" which also celebrates 60 years of international diving meetings in the city. A lot have passed since the organization of the first international meeting at the Lido di Bolzano.
  • Renzo Caramaschi

    Mayor of the City of Bolzano
    The "Bolzano Diving Meeting", the highly anticipated international diving meeting scheduled from 2 to 4 June 2023, turns 60. A historic milestone for an event that has rightfully become part of the glorious sporting tradition of our beloved city and beyond.

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